1) Is it need to send numbers from 001 again in each round of the contest?
2) My region code (province, state etc.) is single-letter or three-letters, what I'm should sent?
3) Why 40m band in both LOW and HIGH bands part?
4) Have a question? Just ask it!


1) There is no need to restart numbers each round, if your software handle it well.
2) If your region code is single letter (EA-provinces, SP-voivodeship etc.), like 'B' or "M", just double it, send as 'BB', for example: BB001, MM002 etc.
If your region code is 3-letter (OK/OM districts etc.) - just strip one letter, e.g. 'APA' -> 'AP', 'APB' -> 'AB', 'THR' -> 'TH', 'NRW' -> 'NW' etc.
3) 40m band is almost closed in evening to QSO within Ukraine, but in day its open for short-skip QSOs.