History of this contest began in 1996.

After the first Ukraine RTTY championship was done (4-hours internal contest on 160 & 80 Meters bands),
the result shown that it was not much ukrainian hams operate RTTY-mode that time.
So the idea became to make contest open-type - to invite RTTY'ers of other countries to take part also!
From that time contest grow over years.

The key point of the contest was defined before and not changed - provide full QSOs cross-check based on received logs and public results with UBN-files (QSO errors reports).
Even most of major contests of that time don't provided detailed error reports ever!

From 2004 contest includes 40-10 Meters bands too, uses total of six bands (160-10 Meters), there was two 4-hours parts,
first - on 160 & 80 Meters, and second part - on 40-10 Meters.
Also started to use Cabrillo log-format that become de-facto standart for most HF contests.

In 2013 contest extended to two 6-hour parts and 40 Meters band included in both parts too.
Selected format and activity, good propagation on HF bands in that time allowed to made over 500...700+ QSOs in 12 hours for leaders!

In 2021 contest celebrated the 25th anniversary!